c. 1900 William Pethard, Smithfield Market Birmingham 1 Shilling Token

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William Pethard was a market gardener who had a flourishing English market garden business in Badsey, Worcestershire, England. He sold his produce, especially asparagus, at the once thriving Birmingham Smithfield Market, which historically had a long run, from 1817-1960. Badsey sits in the Vale of Evesham, on the flood plain of River Avon. This area is famous for market gardening.

A "market gardener" by occupational trade, is a farmer who sells produce as opposed to only feeding their family. They are generally close to the cities and markets they sell to.

We found George "William" Pethard 1866-1908 in public genealogy records, born in 1866 in Aldington, Worcestershire. His parents were John Pethard 1823–1884 and Ellen Wright Pethard, born 1836. He was married in 1895 in Birmingham to Elizabeth Addis Pethard 1865-1937, her surname also seen spelled as Addie. They had a daughter, Lucy Hannah Pethard 1896–1908, named after Elizabeth's mother, Hannah Glover 1827-1914.

Text on antique token front reads:
W. Pethard
Smithfield Market, Birmingham

Text on reverse reads:
1/- (also exhibits a decorative wreath)

These came to us all together from a distant Pethard family member. They are made of a thin brass, and measure 1 inch in diameter. When gone, we will have not have again, a nice historical find.

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Size: 1 inches in diameter
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