1860s Scottish Cricket Player CDV Photo by John Horsburgh Photographer

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#AD021 CDV Young Boy Sportsman Cricketer


A wonderful and graphic CDV photo of a young cricket player with paddle, taken in Edinburgh, Scotland by photographer Horsburgh. Edinburgh is the capital Scotland and is located in Lothian on the Firth of Forth's southern shore. 

John Horsburgh 1835-1924, was an engraver, and esteemed oil portrait painter and artist. He is also known as a successful and high quality 19th century photographer in Edinburgh. Photo type: Victorian CDV carte de visite Photograph. Photographer's fancy Victorian advertising back stamp or backmark reads: J. Horsburgh, Photographer, 131 Princes Street, West End, Edinburgh. It depicts a wonderful illustration of the sun, signifying light, and an iconic Victorian hand attempting to focus the rays.

J. Horsburgh was born in Eddleston, Peeblesshire, Scotland. He visited New York City, America in the mid 1850's, possibly learning or gaining interest in the flourising photography trade. He was married to Agnes Mackintosh, and opened his Edinburo photo studio in 1861. He and his son, photographer John A. Horsburgh, ran the family studios from 1861, into the 20th century, finally closing in 1916. 

This original CDV or carte de visite photo exhibits a sepia toned image of a young boy holding a cricket paddle. It is hand tinted before the advent of colour photography. Condition shows tonal spotting from the photographer's hand, as seen in photo. Click image to see close up. He wears high button shoes, a wool schoolboy suit with silk piping, and stands in front of the photographer's antique wooden fence prop in John Horsburgh's studio. He wears a wonderful cravat at his neck. A rare old image found in Totnes, Devon, England. The image will be sent in a new rigid CDV sleeve.

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Size: 4.5 x 2.5 inches 
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