19th c 1/2 Gill Antique Pewter Spirit Measure w/VR Queen Victoria Mark

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This is a small original old English antique pewter bellied 1/2 gill measure jug with multiple marks. It clearly has the VR Victoria Regina touch mark, to signify made during the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901. Our feeling is mid to later 1800's. Click images to see condition in very close up and movable views.

Pub mugs, tankards, jugs and measures were made all over the United Kingdom in the 19th century. The advent of mass production in crockery eventually took the trade away for metal plates, cups, mugs and dishes, and glass had not yet become the norm for pub drinking vessels. A gill is a unit of measurement for volume and is equal to a quarter of a pint. This old term is no longer in use, except in alcoholic spirits measures.

A beautiful little old measure jug was found in Totnes, Devon, England. In the UK 1 imperial gill equals 5 imperial fluid ounces. In the US 1 US gill equals 4 US fl oz. A 1/2 gill is also called a "jack" or a "noggin" in the UK. It may have been pub ware.

In fair to good, used condition. It has a nice old patina and shows surface wear with dings and dents. We wish it could talk! See close up marks, any help or correction on its early pewter marks is appreciated, email Debra here.

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Size: 2.25 inches high x 2 inches wide, or 3 inches with handle
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