Genealogy-1890's framed CDV photo set Crafton/Grafton, Croydon, Surrey

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Genealogy-1890's framed Victorian era CDV photo Crafton or Grafton family history photo set



A beautiful hand coloured photo set for the Crafton family of Croydon, Surrey. Their surname is also seen at times spelled as Grafton in UK records. They are handwritten ink identified as Ralph & Edith Crafton.

Genealogy from Public Records:
Ralph Caldwell Crafton 1797–1875 was born in Brandon, Suffolk, England and died in Croydon, Surrey, England. His parents were Richard Crafton 1753–1813 and Elizabeth Caldwell. He died in 1875 at age 79 on May 28 in Croydon, Surrey, according to the family handwriting on reverse. see photos.

He married Edith Caroline Fowler Crafton 1806–1886 who was born in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England on 16 August 1827. Her parents were Joseph Fowler 1769–1818 and Sarah Smart Fowler, born 1779. Edith died 30 June 1886 in Croydon, Surrey, at age 80 according to the handwriting on reverse. see photos.

Their 5 children were:
Richard Fowler Crafton 1830–1922
Sarah Elizabeth Crafton born 1831
Edith Caroline Crafton Wise 1833–1908
Mary Catherine Crafton Crowley 1834–1912
Ralph Caldwell Crafton 1844–1915

The 2 CDV sized images are 2.25 x 3.5 with a heavy gold gilt mat around each, identical framing. They have been hand coloured and tinted. The reverse has early Victorian era thin black paper backing, which has never been removed or opened to see the actual images.

The frames have handwritten Victorian era labels by family on reverse, see photos, with death dates. This seems to be a well loved couple with 5 children. This genealogy set was found in Exeter, Devon, where this family could presumably also have ties.

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Size: 6.5 x 8.5 inch frames (2)
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