1840's Early Small Antique Victorian Mercury Glass Etched Jug/Pitcher

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Silvered or "Mercury glass" is an early blown, double walled glass. It is "silvered" by pouring liquid silver between the layers and then corking the pontil area with wax or cork after it dries. Mercury glass was in use as decorative, being etched, enameled, painted, and engraved. It is said to be the first purely decorative glass.

There are many ornate Czech, Bohemian, Germany, German pieces to be found in the antiques world. Early mirrors were made with mercury, but these tablewares were not, although the descriptive name "mercury glass" stuck. Early historical German Christmas ornaments were made with the same process.

We recently were lucky enough to find two pieces of Victorian mercury glass in Devon,  both found together. The other piece can be found here. The roughness of the bottom, the old bubbles and irregularities are part of the antique charm and charisma of these pieces.

This jug (or small pitcher) exhibits extensive etching and an early glass corked pontil base. It has a deep gold wash interior, see photos. Mercury glass was also known as peasant or farmer glass, with the working masses unable to afford actual silver. A great early piece and a nice set.

Incidently, the black you see in the center of the pitcher is the reflection of me taking the photo! It is difficult to take photos of mirror finishes! 

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Size: 3.50 x 3.25 inches
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