1840's Victorian Mercury or Silvered Glass Original Etched Wine Glass

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History: Silvered or "Mercury glass" is a blown, double walled glass. It is "silvered" by pouring liquid silver between the layers and then corking the pontil area with wax or cork after it dries. Mercury glass was also highly decorative, being enameled, painted, engraved and etched. There are many ornate Bohemian, Czech, German, Germany examples to be found in the antiques world.

Note that actual mercury was in fact in use in early mirrors, but never used as foodware, and is a misnomer. It was also known as "farmer’s silver" or "peasant's silver." The stunning early Christmas ornaments, especially German, were made with this process.

We have 2 beautiful pieces of original 1840's (or earlier) Victorian mercury glass that came out of a Devon house, both found together and both related in design. See the other piece here. The condition is great with many old bubbles and irregularities as part of the character and charm. The shape is roemer like, or a small goblet in appearance.

This has an uncorked pontil base, and a deep gold wash interior, see photos. A rare and beautiful design and early piece of original glass. NOTE: The black you see in the center of the pitcher is my own reflection, me attempting to take the photo. It is always a feat to take photos of mirrored objects.

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Size: 3.25 x 2 inches
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