1889 English Doctor's Medicine Bottle Etched Cut Glass Enamel Label

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#AD034 Medical Antiques

A beautiful and high quality cut glass Victorian era English medicine bottle with what first appears to be a paper label, but is not, it is enameled onto the glass and made to be handwritten on. This bottle has 4 measurements for large amount of liquid medicine, and is very high quality cut glass with beveled edges.

The bottom has beautifully etched into glass with an English registration number "Reg. No. 13310" which corresponds to the year 1889 in registration design data. The screw-on brass plated cap has the owner's fancy initials "E.W." finely etched into it, although it is quite difficult to see. The brass cap is tight and clean with high quality purpose, and a cork interior.

This is an interesting antique medical piece, and a beautifully made cut glass bottle, recently found in Exeter, Devon, England. We have never seen another of this quality or style. 

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Size: 5.25 x 1.25 inches
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