c. 1900 Austrian Cherub Plate with Woman driving Chariot & 30 Angels

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Love cherubs and angels? Then this is the vintage piece for you! It is a late Victorian or early Edwardian transferware heavily cherubic angel or cupid plate. It is about 100 years old.

We count 30 cherubs, a chariot and a fearless women driving through the center, all this on a plate that measures 9.5 inches! It is dramatic and beautiful. A cherub or the earlier term cherubim, is an unearthly being who attends to God according to the Abrahamic religions. Their most important duty is to protect the Garden of Eden.

We feel this was produced in Austria, in the circa 1900-1920's range, WWI era and possibly Germany, German. I t is unmarked. It has beautiful pastel colors of blues, cherubic pink flesh tones, rust, browns, greens, pale sky blue, gold gilt or gilding and some light embellished areas of raised painting by the artist. The rim is dark green with Victorian gold graphic elements, and there is some age and handling loss of the gold on the circular trim, to be expected for the age. Overall, it has a very pastel look and feel.

Condition: The transferware design and workmanship on front is beautiful. There is a chip on reverse on the rim,, of which we have taken a photo of. It displays beautifully! We will send this plate with a wall plate holder, which is just how it was meant to be displayed. This is called a cabinet plate. It was made to hang on a wall.

Click images to see condition in close up views. It was found in Totnes, Devon, England. A classic and classical beauty.
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Size 9.5 inches in diameter
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