BOOK: The Jacobites and Their Drinking Glasses: Geoffrey Seddon, 1995

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The Jacobites and Their Drinking Glasses: Geoffrey B. Seddon ISBN 1-85149-404-9

I'm selling my wonderful collection of used books on antiques now. This one is a clean hardcover with dust jacket and a soft plastic mylar cover which is taped inside, see photos.

ISBN is: 1-85149-404-9 on jacket dust cover and 1 85149 207 0 inside book.
This is a library discard. A wonderful reference! Will ship right out!


A detailed study of Jacobite glass that supplies means of authentication in a field renowned for fakes. Complete coverage of the subject is provided against a compelling historical background, telling how the later Stuarts believed they had been cheated out of the hereditary monarchy.

Product Identifiers
Publisher ACC Art Books
ISBN-10 1851494049
ISBN-13 9781851494040
Place of Publication Woodbridge, Sussex
Weight 1483g
Width 216mm
Height 279mm

Additional Product Features
Format Hardback
Author(s) Geoffrey B. Seddon
Genre Antiques & Collectables
Edition Statement New Edition
Pagination 286
Content Note 46 Colour and 500 B&W Illustrations
Author Biography Geoffrey B. Seddon has studied Jacobite history for twenty-five years. He has been a member of the Glass Circle for over twenty years and has contributed papers to its publications and to Country Life magazine. Since retiring from a busy medical practice, he has devoted much of his time to the writing of this book.
Country of Publication United Kingdom
Spine 23mm
Language(s) English
Imprint Acc Art Books
Date of Publication 01/01/1999
Out-Of-Print Date 20/02/2012

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