c. 1900 Swiss Thun or Thoune Pottery Small Cat Figural Bank

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#AD043 Antique Pottery Cat Money Box, Still Bank

A beautiful and rare classic small figural slipware Swiss pottery cat bank made in Thune, Thun, or Thonne, Switzerland, which was previously known as Heimberg, Switzerland. This historical Swiss area is known for it's slip decorated pottery from as early as 1730. It characteristically has a dark, deep and rich brown glazed earthenware stoneware background with vivid colours. It often decoratively exhibits the Swiss edelweiss and pansy flowers.

Up to 80 small Thoune pottery companies made this slipware in the area, thus the name Thun or Thoune Pottery. It also became known as "Paris Ware" in the Victorian era when it was featured at the Paris International Exhibition of 1878.

The wonderful 1890's to 1900's Thoune cat teapots are rare and collectible. This small figural cat is a variation of that theme, but in a small bank. It has rich and deep colour with bright botanical accents. We show it here photographed with a British penny for relative size. It measures 2.5 inches in height x 2 inches in length, and is small and powerful.

Note: A very similar and slightly smaller cat bank is on the cover of an American Antique Source Book called "Ceramic Coin Banks: Identification and Value Guide by Authors Tom Stoddard & Loretta Stoddard. Published by Collector Books, Schroeder Publishing, Paducah, Kentucky USA." 

This uncommon piece is in beautiful condition and was recently found in Exeter, Devon, England. See extensive photos, and click for close ups. 

N0TE: Click here to also see a sister figural owl jug or pitcher found with this here.debra clifford antiques devon sold archive
Size: 2.5 inches tall x 2 inches length x 1.5 inches wide
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