c 1913 Achille Vande Voorde Original Lacemaker Figure, Flemish Pottery

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Achille Vande Voorde 1875-1959, was a celebrated sculptor who graduated from the Bruges and Antwerp Art Academies. He opening his own pottery firm in Bruges, Belgium in 1913, which quickly became the most celebrated Flemish firm. This area was known for its many family potters.

This is one of his beautiful Lacemaker Figures or figurines, made in Bruges, Belgium, which is the capital and largest city of the province of West Flanders, in the Belgian Flemish Region. It is the home of many well known Flemish Potters, and is collectively known as "Flemish Pottery" or "Flemish Ware".

Achille later added his younger brother Cyriel Vande Voorde 1890-1977 to the company, and both worked as designers. The World Wars greatly impacted their business, which sadly closed in the late 1930's at the time of the European unrest of WWII. They are known for 114 documented figures with great realism, exquisite sculpting and detail, as well as their characteristic deep rich blue glaze. 

Early example of these hand made figures are becoming very difficult to find and are collected in the pottery world, and also in the lacemaking world. This original piece was recently found in Devon, England and is a beautiful example. 

Condition: very minor edge wear in a few places, negligible. She exhibitis the usual kiln cracks from firing, part of the sculpting/firing process. We would say she is in overall beautiful condition for her 100 year old age. She is a beautifully and expertly glazed and fired stoneware piece, heavy and high quality with thick walls, see our last photo. There is some wear one one corner of her chair, as seen in photo, otherwise condition is clean and beautiful. Any cracking you see in the close up photos were there in the making, the nature of the work.

She sits in beautiful repose involved in her craft, with the lace spread before her.  A rich and wonderful old documented antique pottery art figure by a noted artist and one we were very happy to find in our English travels. 

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Size: 6.25 inches height x 5 inches long
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