19th c Victorian Prattware Little Red Riding Hood & Wolf Pot Lid

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Antique 19th c Victorian Prattware Little Red Riding Hood Pot Lid


This small sized and hard to find Prattware Little Red Riding Hood decorated pot lid measures just a hair under 3 inches in diameter and is from the famous nursery story. It has minimal firing lines and is in really nice condition, unusual for early pot lids. The colours are excellent and the lid has deep contrast and definition. See our close up photos for condition and arrows.

Note: It is listed in "the" quintessential book on Pot lids: "Pot-Lids and other Coloured Printed Staffordshire Wares, A Reference and Price Guide by K.V. Mortimer. The foreward is written by the famous English pottery expert Geoffrey A. Godden, and it was published by Antique Collectors Club UK in 2003. It is considered the ultimate potlid reference guide.

This one was was made by the Staffordshire firm of F. & R. Pratt of Fenton, owned by Felix Edward Pratt 1813-1894. It features an amazing transferware scene Litte Red and the wolf in bed. The book shows a photo of it and states it was made by the Pratt factory with a line and dot border, and no written title, just as we see here.

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Size: It is a hair under 3 inches in diameter
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