19th c. Antique Irish inscribed Baggot Family Tankard, Dublin, Ireland

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#AD228 Irish Baggot Genealogy:


Antique Irish Silver Plated 1/2 Pint Tankard Engraved BAGGOT
Composition: Silver Plate
Product: 1/2 Pint Tankard, Beer Mug
Maker: F. Hill, 9 Sth Anne, Dublin

This is a wonderful and unusual one of a kind Irish silver plated half pint tankard which has been engraved with the surname BAGGOT. It is also marked or stamped on the base by the maker F. HILL, 9 STH ANNE, DUBLIN and HALF PINT, along with numbers and letters and three other hallmarks on side to left of handle, see photos. There is plate loss and the rim is slightly misshapen, it has been well loved, and well used by the Baggott Clan.

Inscription on side: "BAGGOT" is beautifully hand engraved or inscribed in capital letters, a bit in the folk art vein and a bit primitive, which adds to the charm. This is a 19th c. 1/2 pint Silverplate Beer Mug. The trademark or makers mark or Hallmark on the bottom reads: F. Hill, Sth Anne St, Dublin.

A beautiful old Irish Baggot family Original Cup or mug. It was found in Totnes, Devon, England, but the dealer related that he bought it in Dublin. This beer tankard would have been left at the pub or tavern by the Baggot family member and reused over and over, and for years. Click images to see condition in close up views.

The Baggot or Baggott family has an extensive genealogy and family presence in the Dublin area, and much can be found in UK web genealogy searches. A beautiful one of a kind piece, personally owned and used by a member of the Dublin Baggot family line. (alternative surname spellings are Bagot, Bagott, Baggett, Baget, Bagget)

Size: 3.75 inches high x 3.25 across
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