1940-50's Meissen 10" Yellow Dragon Red Dot Accent Oriental Plate

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mid 20th century Meissen Yellow Dragon Art Deco Plate


This is a beautiful hand painted Meissen yellow dragon 20th century Chinoiserie plate which dates from the late 1940's to 1950's. It has the classic Meissen blue crossed swords mark, manufactured in Germany, post WWII. It measures 10 inches in diameter. It also has a tiny factory impressed "22" mark on verso, as seen in photos. It was made after WWII and is a beautiful piece of oriental inspired art.

The Meissen factory is near Dresden in Saxony, Germany in operation since 1708 when it produced the first European hard paste porcelain. The Chinese dragon pattern is one of Meissen's earliest patterns, introduced in 1740. The crossed swords marking was introduced in 1720 to protect its name, and is one of the oldest trademarks in the world. The 4 toed Chinese dragon is one of Meissen's most important, earliest and most popular patterns and was first introduced in 1740, designed by Johann Joachim Kändler 1706-1775. The factory was known as The Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen, Germany.

This piece is made of beautiful glazed Meissen porcelain, which has been finely hand painted with red and gold. This plate is heavy and impressive and the condition is beautiful with one very fine glaze firing line in top glaze only, must be scrutinised closely to see. Click images to see condition in close up views. The hand painted work is also stunning, as we know Meissen to be. It was found in Totnes, Devon, England, and to see another earlier yellow dragon piece found together with this, click here.

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Size: 10 inches in diameter
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