1932 John Farleigh Bank of England Bookplate Book Plate Ex Libris

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#AD214 British Illustrator John Farleigh Antique Bookplate:

John Farleigh 1900-1965, was a famous British artist illustrator, and this is one of his original classic bookplates made for the librabry of the Bank of England Library and Literary Association. It is a wood engraved or engraving, wood cut, woodcut book plate. It shows a classically art deco man seated with a book, and buildings. It is rendered in the classic 1930's art deco, WPA, or industrial style.

A bookplate, or in Latin "ex libris" refers to "from the books of." It is a paper print or label made for pasting inside a book cover to denote book ownership, and tells us what book the library or collection is from. This ia beautiful original, vintage piece.

The condition is wonderful, it is unglued onto any surface. Bookplates are very collectible in the antique book, vintage paper and ephemera world and the scarce Farleigh art bookplates are prized. We found 7 total between the pages of a 19th century book in the Totnes, Devon, England area recently. When they are gone, we will not have them again. 

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Size: 11 x 8 cm
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