1915 Carway Council School, Wales: 2 Meakin Blue de Roi Signed Plates

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#AD112 RL093: Meakin Blue de Roi Pattern

Here are two lovely old antique English pottery Staffordshire Meakin pottery dinner plates with beautiful blue and white transferware advertising for the Carway Council School in Wales, circa 1915. They each measure 6.75 inches in diameter, and are very bright, clean and beautiful with the Meakin Blue de Roi mark on reverse, as well as a mark that we believe reads "JO29" on each, overpainted in deep red. One plate also has a small impressed number 2.

They each have the beautiful Edwardian era Blue de Roi leaf and banner design for the Carway School, which was then officially known as the "Carway Council School". This was right after the reign of Edward VII, in the WWI era.

The pottery firm of Alfred Meakin Ltd was founded in 1875 by Alfred J Meakin 1848-1902, one of the famous Meakin brothers. Genealogy wise, Alfred was the son of early potter James Meakin 1807–1852 and his wife Frances Colclough Meakin 1807–1855, known as Fanny. He had 10 siblings. He married Harriet Alcock Meakin 1849-1908, and they also had 10 children together. He produced his wares in the Royal Albert, Victoria and the old Highgate Pottery buildings in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England. Alfred's two much older brothers, James Henry Meakin 1830–1885 and George Meakin 1831–1891 ran the famous J & G Meakin Co. in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, starting in 1851. Overall, this was a very close family organisation, and the Meakin family one of the largest exporters of English earthenware pottery in the late Victorian era.

Carway, known in Welsh as Carwe, is a mining village north of the Llanelli in the county of Carmarthenshire, lying in the beautiful Gwendraeth Valley of Wales. These Carway school plates were found together in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales. 

They are great little historical pieces. Click images to see condition in close up and movable views. Overall they are in wonderful condition, and are 2 rare pieces, when gone we will never have again. Price is for both.

Size: each 6.75 inches in diameter (2 total)
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