1914 WW1 WWI Brass Trench Art Souvenir Ypres & Lille Battles Scuttles

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2 1914-1915 handmade WWI Trench Art Coal Shuttles: Made and ID'd from Souvenir Shell casings from the French/ France Battles of YPRES and LILLE:

These are 2 large heavy and very high quality World War One era trench art coal scuttles with ornate scoops, both made by the same hand from souvenir casings off the French military battlefields of YPRES & LILLE. They weigh 2.8 and 2.5 pounds each. Heavy high quality thick brass, and well crafted by a skilled craftsperson.

Both clearly identified with wonderful old folky embellished and decorated leaves, as well as naively engraved text. We feel the same soldier made each of theses items. This is the WWI era concept of make-do at its finest.

Often to pass the time, soldiers would make folk art handmade antique mementos out of coins, bullets and other found objects and battle mementos. This term is known as "trench art." Thiese 2 pieces took considerable time to make by hand. See extensive photos below.

1. YPRES Bataille Souvenir Scuttle and Scoop: This has the date on the shell casing of 1914. Heavy with a rolled brass tubing handle that moves on two brass rivets. It is not stationary, as on the other piece he made here. The scoop is embellished with vines and leaves and has it's own brass scoop banded holder on the casing end side, is intact. The pointed bullet ends are scuttle feet, and a bullet is the handle of the coal scoop. A heavy old shell casing with many engraved military letters and numbers on flat bottom, see photos. It is heavy and weighs about 2.5 pounds by itself. The Battle of Ypres was a series of WWI first world war engagements near the Belgian city of Ypres that was fought between the German and the Allied armies of Belgian, French, British and Canadian Expeditionary Forces. The Second Battle of Ypres was from the end of April to 15th May, 1915.

2. LILLE Bataille Souvenir Brass Scuttle and Scoop:  This is the heavier one with the handle made of 3 solid brass bullet shells. Text on it reads: LILLE BATAILLE SOUVENIR with embellished leaves and vines. It is heavy and weighs about 2.8 pounds by itself. Known as both the Battle of Armentières and the Battle of Lille, it was a WWII battle fought by French and British forces against the Germans in October 1914, and also called the Race to the Sea.  The occupation of Lille by the Germans began in October 1914 after a siege in which 882 apartment blocks and 1,500 houses and buildings were demolished centered near the railway station and Lilles town. When occupied, it became a place for the treatment of the wounded, as well as known as for soldiers' relaxation and entertainment, thus apparently the making of trench art in free time.

These two are one of a kind and rare pieces were found together in South West England. They have been together 100 years, so will keep them together still. They are made by the same soldier's hand. Click images to see condition in close up views and click again to open full images on screen for scrolling to right.
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Sizes: Both 7 x 4 inches each, heavy brass (2 total)
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