1910 King Edward VII Mourning Death Plate Queen Mary, Winton Grimwades

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#AD291 Royalty Memoriam Plate for Death of King Edward VII

The nation was in mourning on 06 May 1910, when Edward VII 1841-1911 passed away from severe bronchitis, a series of heart attacks and general ill health. He was the eldest son of Queen Victorian and and Prince Albert of Saxe Coburg and Gotha, and their oldest child. Many had grown up with "Bertie" as he was known. He was actually christened Albert Edward at birth. He chose to reign under the name Edward VII, as he did not wish to "undervalue the name of his father Albert".

In 1901, when the beloved Queen Victoria passed away, Edward VII came into power with his wife Princess Alexandra of Denmark, whom he had married in 1863. He was 21 and she 18 at marriage. They grew up with the public. At his death, Westminster Hall was opened to the public with over 400,000 people filing past his coffin for over 2 days.

This is a beautiful Royal memorial mourning cabinet plate by Winton Pottery.
Text on this Staffordshire made plate reads:
The Queen Mother, May Heaven Comfort Her
King Edward VII, Died May 6, 1019
Enthroned in the Hearts of their People

On the reverse is the large graphic mark of GB, the Grimwades Brothers of Winton Pottery Co., with their large Globe logo and Stoke on Trent England mark. This is in Staffordshire, England. The plate is decorated with Union Jack and royal standard flags, plus a royal standard crest and beautifully well done portraits of the late King and beloved Queen Alexandra. The King's portrait has a black band around the vignette, to signify mourning and his recent death. 

Winton Pottery was run by the Grimwade Brothers in Stoke starting in 1885 and founded by potter Leonard Lumsden Grimwade 1863-1931, who was then joined by his older brother, Sidney Richard Grimwade 1854–1934. They flourished with high quality wares becoming "Grimwades Limited" at the turn of the century, then operating four factories and employing 1500 people in Stoke. Sadly, Leonard was killed in a car accident in 1931. James Plant then became owner under the name Royal Winton. This plate is from their heyday and dated 1910.

The condition is beautiful. There are no chips, cracks or repairs. The most we can see is some light gold gilding rubbed off edges. It was found in Kingsbridge, Devon, England, a great find in this condition at almost 110  years of age.
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Size: 9.25 inches diameter

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