1905 Old Antique Grog English Pottery Company Ironstone glazed "Chunk"

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In the English pottery trade, "grog" refers to crushed unglazed pottery or brick used as an additive in plaster or clay. It adds a gritty, rustic texture, which is called "tooth" in the trade, but also serves as helping with the drying process and shrinkage problems. This helps prevents firing defects which can occur, such as cracking.

This is a cool old chunky and heavy piece of workman's grog, most likely originally made at an old English pottery company as an example or glazing specimen. It is a thickly glazed white ironstone chunk, with incised text on the bottom.

Someone has scratched the bottom surface with this text:
New Grog
No. 29

We take this to be dated 27th of May, 1905. The gentleman we bought it from said it has been used as his desktop paperweight for 40 years. The top has some wear from general use. Click images to see condition in very close up and movable views. Click again to see full images on your screen to scroll through. Any help or further info appreciated, email Debra here. It was found in Totnes, Devon, England. Unusual and cool if you love the history of old pottery.

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Size: 4 inches in diameter
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