1900 Walter Oldfield ID'd Pocketknife-Dublin Ireland to Torquay, Devon

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1900 Walter Oldfield ID'd Pocketknife-Dublin Ireland to Torquay, Devon


A wonderful old identified personalized folding penknife, Jacknife or pocket knife, and unusual in that it has the owner's name Walther H. Oldfield clearly etched in script into the mother of pearl handle. There are feignt remnants of maker's marks on the knife. as seen in photos. We assume it was made in Sheffield, England. Walter died in 1919.

We found WH Oldfield in Public Genealogy Records:
Walter Henry Oldfield 1852-1919, born in Dublin, Ireland, died in Torquay, Devon, England. His parents were Richard Oldfield 1810-1858 and Sarah Denison 1813-1895. He had 7 siblings, and married Mary Waterfall 1852-1946 in 1903. She was a member of the Quakers or Society of Friends, and her father a minister. The religion published an annual list of the deaths of members, and Walter Henry Oldfield was listed in the 1919 edition, dying in Torquay, Devon, England at age 67. It appears the rest of his family had remained in the Hollybrook Park, Clontarf, Dublin Ireland area.

See close up photos for condition, a really nice original one of a kind customized knife recently found in nearby Totnes, Devon, England. Some cracks to the mother of pearl, and a small piece missing around a brass rivet, see photos. Beautiful old Victorian era cursive font and handwriting on the etched handle. There is some remnants of marks on knife handle, as seen in photos, although I cannot make out what they say.

Size: Just a wee bit over 3.5 inches in length
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