1900 Scottish 2 Toby Jugs in Highland Tartan Kilts-Clan Scotland Dress

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c 1900 2 Scottish Kilted Toby Jugs in Highland Tartan Clan Traditional Dress



A pair of Scottish Toby Jugs of 2 Scots wearing traditional Highland dress: tartan plaid, shirt, jacket, bodice and headwear, clan badges, etc. They stand 5.75 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide with their thumbs up. So cool!

Interestingly, it appears the larger, older looking one was made from the same mould, or from the smaller one's exact figure. He's a wee bit bigger and a little less defined. Where made? I do not know.

Condition: The only thing I can find other than tiny flecks in the firing and manufacture is the rim of larger one has a very wee tiny chip which you have to look very closely to see. I have taken a pic of it, the last photo with arrow. They were found together in Devon and are 2 graphic, bright and beautiful old brothers.

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Size: 5.75 inches tall, 3.5 inches wide each, see description above
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