c. 1900 Edwardian era Copeland Late Spode "Lyon" Pattern Bowl Platter

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We love all old English platters, large and small! This is a beautiful vintage 11.5 inch Copeland Late Spode desired and hard to find "Lyon" Pattern serving bowl / dish / platter. It is in wonderful condition, shiny, clean and appears unused. It has a creamy white background with a floral centre and edge with brown, green, red, yellow and a late Victorian era / Early Edwardian embellished patterned rim.

The reverse has the COPELAND late SPODE mark used from 1891 into the early 20th Century and "LYON" and Rd No. 564547. It also has a blue hand painted tally mark of 6242 and a deeply incised Copeland crown mark in the clay. It has the mark of the original of the William Whiteley Ltd. store, which began in London in 1863. This is a wonderful historical mark telling us exactly where it was was originally purchased. This was a huge and famous 19th-early 20th century department store. Very interesting historical info for this store can be found in wiki searches.

The dish well is about 1.5 inches deep, a cross between a serving dish and a small platter. There are no chips, cracks or repairs and the piece is in beautiful condition with light age crazing. It appears as if it truly had no use. It has a creamy colour and the apple green and red Lyon pattern is just plain lovely. This beautiful old piece was found in Kingsbridge, Devon, England.

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Size: 11.5 x 7.75 inches, 1.5 inches deep
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