1899 Queen Victoria Secretary Arthur Bigge Signed Letter Windsor Castle

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This is a vintage and antique original signed Royal letter from Windsor Castle, with the printed original Windsor Castle letterhead & Crown. It is dated May 14th 1899. It is boldly signed and autographed manuscript or document by Sir Arthur Bigge, personal and private secretary to Queen Victoria. It mentions an upcoming meeting at Buckingham Palace.

Brigge Biography: Lieutenant Colonel Sir Arthur John Bigge 1849-1931 (Later as First Baron Stamfordham) had an esteemed career in the military and in British court. He served as lieutenant colonel in the Royal Artillery in the South African Xhosa and Zulu Wars, and upon return became the Private Secretary of Queen Victorian in 1895. He was born in Linden Hall, Longhorsley, Morpeth, Northumberland, England. Bigge was first appointed groom in waiting in 1880. He later became an assistant private secretary to Sir Henry Posonby, the Queen secretary, as well as assistant privy purse. Increasingly invaluable to the Queen, she knighted him as "Private Secretary to Queen Victoria" in 1895, which he held until her death in 1901. He then was appointed as the private secretary to George, Prince of Wales and continued in that position when King George V was appointed King in 1910. Bigge remained George's private secretary and also became first Baron Stamfordham. He died in London on 31 March 1931 at St. James's Palace.

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
Sir Arthur John Bigge 1st Baron Stamfordham 1849–1931
He was born in Longhorsley, Northumberland, England and died at the St.James Palace, in Westminster, Middlesex, England. His parents were Rev John Frederick Bigge 1814–1885 and Caroline Mary Ellison Bigge 1823–1901.
His siblings were:
Edward Ellison Bigge 1846–1909
Rear Admiral Henry Charles Bigge 1847–1908
Sir William Egelric Bigge 1850–1916
Rtf Hon Alice Frances Bigge Shore Baroness 1852–1937, married Lord Charles John Shore 3rd Baron Teignmouth 1840–1915
Mary Augusta Bigge Ridley 1854–1947, married John Hilton Ridley 1848–1904
Julia Charlotte Bigge 1857–1927
Charles Wilkinson Bigge 1858–1916
Caroline Amy Bigge 1867–1924

His wife was Constance Neville Bigge 1849–1922, born in Butleigh, Somerset, England.
Their 3 children were:
Honourable Victoria Eugenie Bigge Adeane 1881–1969, who married Captain Henry Robert Augustus Adeane 1882–1914
Hon. Margaret Bigge 1885–1977
Captain The Honourable John Neville Bigge 1887–1915

This letter is handwritten to Arthur William à Beckett 1844-1909, a well known Victorian intellectual, journalist and author, beckoning him to Buckingham Palace. Beckett wrote for Punch Magazine 1874-1902 and edited the Sunday Times from 1891-1895, and the Naval and Military Magazine in 1896. His wife was Suzanne Frances Winslow Beckett, daughter of the famed Victorian British psychiatrist and author, Forbes Benignus Winslow 1810–1874.

This handwritten letter reads:
"Sir, Could you kindly call me for a few minutes tomorrow, Monday, at 3 pm at the Privy Purse Office, Buckingham Palace. Yours faithfully Arthur Bigge. Arthur a Beckett"

It is autographed or signed by Arthur Bigge. The Privy Purse Office was next to the Treasurer's Office, and in charge of the financial running of the Royal Household. This two page letter across four pages measures 7.5" tall by 5" wide, and is written in black fountain pen period ink. It is folded twice, into thirds, horizontally. Click images to see condition in close up views and click again to open full images on screen for scrolling to right. Note: You may also find the Arthur Bigge Collection held at at the Scott Polar Research Institute Archives at the University of Cambridge, which encompasses correspondence by him on Polar matters in his role as private Secretary to King George V from 1911 to 1923.

Interestingly, Queen Victoria was abhorrent to the recent invention of the typewriter in 1880, and mandated all Royal correspondence be handwritten in her regime. This task fell on Bigge and he is known for his extensive job, with his handwriting executed in large script for her to read in her aging years. He wrote in thick black ink, just as we see here.

This is a rare 19th century original Royal Letter on Windsor Castle, letterhead paper and signed by Queen Victoria's Private Secretary. It was found in Richmond, London, England, and is a beautiful old manuscript.

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Size: 7.5" tall by 5" wide
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