1897 "Queen of Diamond" Signed Victoria's Jubilee Brass Candlesticks

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1897 "Queen of Diamond" Signed Queen Victoria's Jubilee English Brass Candlesticks

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These are a beautiful and clearly marked, signed or stamped pair of "Queen of Diamond" original English brass push-up candle sticks. They were made as a commemoration piece to honour Queen Victoria's amazing 60 year reign from 1837-1897 and her 1897 Diamond Jubilee on 20 June 1897. She died in 1901, the end of the Victorian era and the beginning of the Edwardian era, with her son Edward VII 1841-1910 taking the crown.

These were manufactured by James Clews & Sons in Birmingham, England at their company known as the Manilla Works. Samuel Clews is known to have begun work there in at least 1835. A high quality brass foundry, they were and one of the leading makers of candlesticks and many household brass objects in England at the time.

This pair has the original old iron push ups, a great clue to their age and provenance, see more info below. When buying these diamond candlesticks, one looks for: 1) A clear stamp on the square base of either "Ace of Diamond", "King of Diamond" and/or "Queen of Diamond" 2) push-up rods on the underside or at least a remnant or sign that they were once intact. 3) High quality sticks with a good weight. (Please take note that there are thousands of unmarked and lightweight reproductions on the market, with no evidence of the early push up mechanism)

These sticks have a beautiful diamond commemorative shaped "knop", as seen in photos. The "knop" term can first be found in the bible referring to the ornament of the golden candlestick. It can also seen used as "knopped", referring to having ornamental knops or knobs.

Condition note: This pair is beautiful, heavy, bright and clean with great antique brass patina. We would not suggest cleaning, as the original patina is highly prized in the antique world. We note that rarely on these early antique sticks is the push up rod working or even intact, and most times they are not. This is a given on most early candlesticks of any age. They became clogged in wax in the stem, and often were broken in trying to push or eject when stuck.

The pusher rod was meant to be kept clean with boiling water, thus are often missing and broken. This pair has two completely intact push ups, both with the flat pusher missing, which does not move. Does this inhibit their use in any way? No. Simply the rod pushers are usually ignored in antique dealer descriptions.

The powerful and beloved 19th century Queen Victoria 1819–1901 influenced many commemorative events, celebrations, and souvenirs worldwide in her lifetime. Her illustrious Victorian era refers to 20 June 1837 at age 18, until her death on 22 January 1901 at age 81 years. The Clews company produced these brass candlesticks in 2 known designs in various sizes. This pair a wee bit over 11 inches in height. This design was exceedingly popular and were in production until the late 1930's, when sadly WWII broke out. We feel this heavy set is of the period circa 1900 by the weight, quality and intact old early corked push up rods. (see description above)

These were found along the Thames in Richmond, London, England. They had just freshly come out of the same London house and were bought literally "off the truck" in antique terms. The only condition remark we would make is in the last photo, a tiny silver spec in the brass manufacture, take a look.

Size: 11 inches tall
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