1895 George Stuart Browse Shilston Antique Victorian Christening Mug

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#AD099 Browse Genealogy, Shilston Genealogy:


This is a wonderful old Devon Shilston family genealogy antique English pottery christening mug for a much loved Victorian era baby named George Stuart Browse Shilston. 

Found in Public Genealogy Records:
George Stuart Browse Shilston 1895–1976, died age 81 in Kingsbridge, Devon, England. He was born apparently on Westland Lane (per this christening mug) in Marldon, Devon England to parents Henry Shilston 1853–1930 and Constance Annie Browse Shilston 1864–1932. His parents married in 1889 and he had 2 siblings: William Henry Shilston 1890–1985 and Horace Reginald Shilston 1897–1903, died age 4.

His father's parents were Thomas Shilston born 1808 in Teignrace, Devon, England and Susan Shilston, born 1816 in Woolbouriough, Devon, England. His father's siblings were George Shilston born 1842, Mary Ann Shilston 1843–1903, Elizabeth Ann Shilston born 1844, and Susanna Shilston born 1849.

His mother Constance was born in Lancaster, Lancashire, England and died in in 1932 in Totnes, Devon, England, at age 69.

George SB Shilston first married Bessie Savery Luscombe 1901–1926 in 1924. She was raised at Highbeara Farm in Staverton, Totnes, Devon, England. She is listed living as a niece in 1911 England census to William Savery and Sarah Ann Savery. Others in household are Walter Pearce, William Field, and Emma Crimp. Sadly, Bessie died 2 years after they were married, at age 25.

George then married Annie Luscombe 1903–1967 in 1827. She was born in Harberton, Devon and died in Totnes, Devon at age 64. We believe she may have been Bessie's younger sister. Her parents were Thomas Walter Luscombe 1874–1957 and Annie Savery Luscombe 1876–1930. They had 3 children: Reginald William Stuart Shilston 1928–1985, and 2 others we simply could not identify. George died in 1976 at age 81.

This surname is also seen spelled as Shilstone. This is a beautiful one-of-a kind rare christening antique and genealogy item in beautiful condition. Click images to see condition in very close up and movable views. Click again to see full images on your screen to scroll through. It was found in South Brent, Devon in the general area where young George SB Shilston was born in 1895 and died at age 81 in 1976. A great Browse family piece, as well as Shilston.

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Size: 3.25 inches in height
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