1895 Charles Fourmaintraux Courquin French Devres Faience Toby Jug

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...France produced their own unique style of Toby jugs in the 19th and early 20th century. They copy the style and tradition of the early English Staffordshire toby jugs, but are unusual with their own unique form, style, colour and rich qualities. This piece was made in Devres and is not Quimper, but a beautiful piece of country French art pottery of that area.

This antique figural signed faience tin glazed jug is a milk or cream pitcher, pichetor or jacquot jug with extreme character, look at that wonderful face! He measures 4" tall and dates from the late 19th century, circa 1895, a continental piece.

Devres, France is long known for its pottery making back to the Roman era. The bottom has a striking signed maker's mark or signature of Ch. Fourmaintraux Courquin, as also seen and explained here. This mark is known to be before 1900. 

The Fourmaintraux family was in Desvres, France early on. Fourmaintraux Bénard 1804-1841 was the first in the family to open a business there. Francois Fourmaintraux-Courquin operated the pottery factory on from 1863 to 1900. His son Charles Fourmaintraux-Courquin worked with him, taking over the works himself after 1900. Theyhad  first produced primarily faience tiles, but from 1872 on they began producing "faïences d'Art", which translates to "Art pottery."

This is a classic rotund French toby figure wearing a beautiful cobalt blue overcoat, green striped vest with orange buttons, yellow knee trousers and a bright yellow tricorn hat in which the corners form the jug spout. His coat is richly hand decorated in Delft floral designs and his lapels and deep cuffs are a rich blue. He appears to have dropped into an English tavern for his pint of ale one cool evening, and wears his striped gloves whilst holding a beer jug or tankard in one hand, and a snuff jar in the other. The handle is embellished in polychrome yellow, red and blue with Victorian era scroll embellishments.

Interestingly, he wears a small brown-black painted cross on a chain at his neckline, which is a beautiful French religious touch. He is one of a kind and hand painted. The inside of the jug and bottom are glazed, while the thick foot rim is unglazed.

This wonderful old European piece was found in Totnes, Devon, England. It was brought there by a French antique dealer who combs the French flea markets. There are no chips or cracks. Click images to see his condition in close up views. We have photographed him with an antique thimble to show his relative size. A wonderful piece.

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Size: 4 inches tall by 3.5 inches width
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