1890's Victorian Doulton Lambeth Silver Rim Stoneware Harvest Jug

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#AD024 Large Silver Pinch Rimmed Antique Doulton Lambeth Pitcher


This lovely and large heavy old English pottery Doulton Lambeth stoneware jug is a salt glaze piece with silver rim and old sprigged relief designs. The iconic English designs are, as follows: a drinking man at table with his wife and a boar on floor; a tree with fence; a windmill; a man at table with barrel and pie; a medieval man sitting on barrels; a running deer being chased by 7 dogs; and a fox hunter on horseback with fox hunting horn and dogs...all beautifully applied in sprig relief to the sides. It also has a a lovely and heavy sprigged fleur-de-lis seen in photos, at the handle base.

The hallmarks on the beautiful applied silver rim, are HTB, touchmarks and the letter Q in a shield. Any help on identifying these marks are appreciated, email Debra here. The silver plated rim was most likely made in Sheffield, England, capital of English metal and steel.

John Doulton 1793-1873 founded the Doulton Lambeth company in  the Staffordshire area in 1815. The company was known for high quality salt glazed stoneware such as early sewer pipes, roofing and building architectural tiles, as well as pots for chimneys, which you can see here. They began making more decorative wares such as this, in the 1870's. This heralded in the era of the newly popular Victorian "art pottery" craze of the second half of the 19th century. The company closed in 1956.

The bottom is stamped with the 1876-1880 Doulton Lambeth circular mark. There is a spider crack from the original firing, which is only decorative, sits on the outer glaze, and is not a crack in the ware, see photo. It is not evident on the inside of the piece. These firing imperfections are a part of the more rustic stoneware production, and are what give it its charm and character.

Click images to see condition in very close up and movable views. A beautiful large heavy rimmed old 19th century jug, found in Exeter, Devon, England. Be sure to see other stoneware pieces on our site.

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Size: 7 inches tall x 7 inches wide with handle.
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