1890's Victorian British Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Pottery Harvest Jug

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#AD023 Antique Lambeth Jug


This lovely old English Doulton Lambeth Victorian / Edwardian era stoneware jug is decorated in a two tone salt glaze with sprig designs such as a man drinking his pint in a pub, running hunting dogs, and windmills beautifully applied to the sides. It also has a beautiful iconic sprigged leaf and flower w/ banner pottery embellishment at the base of handle.

Doulton family business: John Doulton 1793-1873, Martha Jones and and John Watts started the company as Jones, Watts & Doulton in 1815. When Martha left the company in 1820, it was then referred to as Doulton & Watts. The pottery was first utilitarian in nature, known for producing chimney pots, water and sewer pipes, as well as inkwells, roofing tiles, and early stoneware bottles for such things as ink and beer. In the 1850's after Watt's retirement, it became known as Doulton & Watts.They began producing decorative wares with John's 2 sons, John Jr and Henry Lewis Doulton 1820-1897. Henry, a student who pushed his father in a more wide ranging view in the early 1870's hired fellow artist students from the Lambeth School of Art as designers and the business thrived in the new world of "Art pottery." Henry died in 1897 and the business became a joint stock company thereafter. In 1901 King Edward VII deemed it the esteemed honour of using the word Royal, as in Royal Doulton on their wares. The Lambeth factory was closed in 1956 due to newly enacted laws on air pollution, and the halting of the manufacture of salt glaze pottery in populated areas. 

The bottom is stamped with the 1858-1910 Doulton Lambeth mark, and there are no chips or cracks. We feel it was made in circa 1890-1900. Click images to see condition in very close up and movable views. A beautiful small lambeth jug found in Totnes, Devon, England and ready to ship! Be sure to see other stoneware pieces on our site.

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Size: 5.5 inches tall, 6.5 inches wide with handle.
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