1890's Sarreguemines Pottery: Paul Déroulède French Political Plate

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Paul Déroulède 1846-1914 was a famous French politician and militant hero nationalist. He was an author, writer, poet born in Paris, France. This plate was manufactured by Sarreguemines Pottery, a French Porcelain & Glass firm, which began work in 1774.

This French Victorian transferware plate has scenes of a Paul Déroulède's life in black and white, taken by French photographer Pierre Lanith Petit, or also known as Pierre Lamy Petit. The scenes are: a bust of the French Republic PRO PATRIA; Paul at the 1870 Battle of Montbéliard fighting Prussia; a bugle, 2 flags, a French army helmet, and a book which reads "Les Chants Du Solday" ("The Songs of the Soldiers") a 1872 19th c French publication; and lastly Paul Deroulede in his 1899 jail cell, who was jailed for his militant activity.

There is minor edge wear, but it displays beautifully and is fully intact and very strong, as seen in photos. It has one front firing line in the 1 o'clock position, as seen in photos. when flipped over, it has another visible line nearby, displays beautifully! This piece was made 1875-1900, and was found in Devon, England. Please also check out our other beautiful Sarreguemines pottery pieces on our site.

Size: 8 inches diameter, with holes for hanging ribbon, see photos.
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