1890's Heinrich H & Co. German Child's Porcelain Circus Dinnerware Set

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#AD193: Transferware Circus Children's Plates & Bowls


A beautiful set of old continental European hard paste transferware child's bowl and plates from the famous H & Company, Heinrich Porcelain Company of Bavaria, Germany. Each has a wonderful set of transfer scene of circus performers and animals in bright colours and beautiful litho art scenes. They are classic Victorian / Edwardian era, rich, bright and clean.

These 5 antique German Heinrich porcelain pieces are, as follows:
1. Clown and terrier dog flat plate: In center, a clown in yellow suit, with red pom pom shoes is holding a large trumpet, and stands near a blue barrel. A smaller terrier dog stands up performing on 2 legs nearby, wearing a yellow pom pom pointed hat and blue dress. The plate has with center gold gild or gilt Victorian embellishments, and 4 various scenes around edge rim. These scenes are: 2 identical scenes of a clown laying on the ground in a fallen slapstick style; a barbell and 500 pound weight set, and a whip and pointed blue pom pom hat laying on ground alone. Condition is excellent, no chips, cracks or restoration. The only fault is some wear to gold gilding embellishments, as seen in photos. Size: 8.5 inches in diameter, with green "H & Co. Selb, Bavaria" mark on reverse.

2. Clown and terrier dog large flat dinner bowl, only one of this kind: The same clown scene as above, with the only difference is a side rim scene of a clown sitting on ground in a blue suit, playing a trumpet, and a small upright terrier dog nearby with marching cane and blue clown hat. Condition is excellent, the gold gild embellishment is excellent also. There is a tiny bottom rim imperfection which was done in the firing process, has glaze over it, see photo. 8.5 inches in diameter, no mark on reverse.

3. Circus Horse & Trainer Rounded bottom flat soup bowl: A galloping circus horse with his trainer in center. Horse has beautiful bridle and decorative saddle, and trainer wears a long red waist coat with large yellow boutonnière flower. He wears a tiny, humorous undersized black top hat, blue striped pants, large clown shoes and with horse mounting block nearby. 4 scenes around rim edge are: a clown in blue suit and tiny top hat playing a trumpet; a monkey in suit and yellow hat on a red and blue ball; a clown in red suit with a large yellow and blue drum; and a strong man lifting barbells. Some tiny firing bubbles, and bottom edge tiny firing flecks, overall beautiful, no mark. Size: 7.5 inches diameter.

4. Clown and terrier dog Rounded bottom flat soup bowl: The same clown scene as in No. 1 above, with the only difference is a side rim scene of a juggler with ball, stick and bag; clown with drum, as explained in plate no. 3; and whip and hat, and a barbell rim scene, same as above. Condition: Some slight missing of glaze during pottery firing, transferware juggler blemish and slight gilding rubs. Overall beautiful and clean, no mark. Size: 7.5 inches diameter.

5. Different Clown and terrier dog Rounded bottom flat soup bowl: A clown with performing circus dog in red suit. He sits on a mounting block with red heart painted on it. The terrier dog is begging upright holding a green clown hat, in which the clown is placing a coin or yellow ball. It has 2 identical side rim scene of a juggler with ball, stick and bag; and 2 strong men scenes, same as above. Condition: Overall beautiful and clean, gold gild embellishment is excellent also. 7.5 inches in diameter, no mark on reverse.

The German Heinrich & Co. ran from 1896-1970, known as Heinrich Porzellan in Selb, Bavaria. Franz Heinrich was an accomplished porcelain painter who built his own studio in 1896 in Selb, buying pottery wares to paint from other source. Eventually he made his own around the turn of the last century, and became one ot the the premier porcelain factory in Germany. In 1930, his Porzellanfabrik Heinrich Selb had 500 employees, selling off after WWII to the British Slater Walker Company. In the 1970's another British firm, Bowater bought the company, which then was eventually merged into the Villeroy & Boch Company.

This 125 year old set displays beautifully, is a very clean. It is a wonderful old circus and children related themed array found together out of a house in the Dartmoor, Totnes Devon, England area. It is thin and beautifully made German porcelain, that we were very happy to find intact, considering the delicate nature and purpose for children's use. A very happy and cheerful kids grouping!

Size: (2) at 8.5 inches and (3) at 7.5 inches, see descriptions above
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