1890s Antique Pressed Tin "Patent" Embossed Victorian Tobacco Snuffbox

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A wonderful small original old collectible snuffbox in great condition. It was recently found in Plymouth, Devon, England. Made of embossed pressed and tin with a beautiful old Victorian era flower and leaves pattern, the bottom, with bold caps, is marked PATENT. Our photos show the hinge, and the great care to make such a small and wonderfully thin tin item, we wish we knew more of the maker.

The use of Snuff began in America, spreading to Europe by the 1600's. It is a smokeless and usually flavoured tobacco made of dried, ground tobacco leaves. It is "snuffed" into the nasal cavity. It is often flavoured with various spices from cinnamon to spearmint, to rose and other florals, to mentholated blends. Snuffing offers the user a quick and direct nicotine hit.

Snuffboxes were needed by our ancestors to keep their prized powder dry. Thus, collecting early snuffboxes is an amazing adventure from simple brass identified pieces from Welsh miners, those made of tin, horn and leather, to handmade folk art, to elite snuffs inlayed with diamonds and jewels.

This is a simple but classic oval design, sits flat on a shelf with bottom a small flat pedestal base. There is definitely a light shine or lacquered finish. We wonder, who held this patent?

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Size: 2 inches wide x .75 inches height
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