1890's Antique French Sarreguemines Water Jug, Chintz Chintzy Pattern

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This is a beautiful old ceramic transferware jug or pitcher for the late Victorian Art Noveau / early Edwardian period, circa 1890's to 1910. It has a large graphic Sarreguemines U & C PERSE mark, which is French for "Persian". The mark is seen inside a Lorraine cross, with the letter S. This letter identifies the pottery pattern. The cross mark dates it made in 1890. It has an overall floral pattern commonly referred to as in the style of chintz.

Sarreguemines History: Nicholas-Henri Jacobi and his brother Paul-Augustin Jacobi started the Sarreguemines Pottery Company in 1784 with their partner Joseph Fabry in Sarreguemines, northeastern France. They were noted for making early earthenware. In 1800 a young Bavarian, Paul Utzschneider bought the company and began to flourish, providing most of the tiles for the early Paris metro. Napoleon placed many orders and the factory was underway as a major French firm. In 1836, Paul's son in law Alexandre de Geiger took over company management. Later it became known for transferware and majolica were made in the nineteenth century. In the 1870's this area of France became German, Germany territory, as a result of the Franco Prussian War. The Sarreguemines pottery company ended in 2007, having a long run of 133 years.

It is a wonderful French Victorian jug has an an all over rare and desirable chinty or chintz pattern. Chintz is known as a vintage style which was found originally used on wallpaper and furniture covers, then to fabric and now desirable as a shabby chic look. It was found in the Totnes, Devon area of England.

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Size: 7 inches tall x 4.5 inches diameter at bottom
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