1890's Angelica Kauffmann Transferware Porcelain Patch Pot, Snuff Box

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#AD105 Victorian era Transferware Patch Box, Trinket, Pin Box

A beautiful little hard paste Continental porcelain round hinged trinket box, patch box, snuff, dresser or jewellery box made of hard white porcelain. It has the signature of Angelica Kauffmann, a Swiss 18th c. neoclassicist painter.  It also has a classic transferware printed scene on top from one of her original 18th century paintings.

We are currently reading a fascinating biography of Angelica, whose real name was Maria Anna Angelika Kauffmann 1741-1807. She was born in Switzerland to Joseph Johann Kauffmann, a skilled Austrian muralist painter, who travelled for his work. They moved to Milan at age 9 and with her father's instruction, became known as a painter by age 12. She was a primarily a history painter, but also a very skilled portrait, decorative and landscape painter as well.

Importantly, Angelica moved to England in 1765 at the age of 24 and petitioned for the creation of the Royal Academy. Her 1769 Royal Academy works bear "RA" after her name, an esteemed honour to all, but especially for a woman. She is considered of the two female founding members of the Royal Academy in London in 1768 with fellow painter Mary Moser 1744-1819, an English classical flower painter and also an esteemed 18th c. British woman artist. Angelica was famous in both London and in Rome. Her life was celebrated in all of Europe and she and died in Rome, Italy in 1807 at the age of 66.

Kauffmann's historical artworks were later reproduced on porcelain wares which were made across Europe in the 19th century Victorian era such as prints, dinnerware, plates, boxes, and urns. She was much loved by the Victorians and became known simply as Angelica Kauffman thereafter. This is one of those pieces.

The size of this small palm size antique box is 1.5 x 2.5 inches. It has a brass fitting, hinge and snap opening. The condition can be seen by clicking each image to see close up and movable views. It was found in Exeter, Devon, England. See other Angelica Kauffman pieces on our site, with more to come.

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Size: 1.5 x 2.5 inches
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