c 1900 Angelica Kauffmann Czech Signed Victoria China Flow Blue Plate

  • £55.00

#AD406 RL117 Victoria China Austrian / Czechoslovakia Transferware Angelica Kauffmann, Flow Blue Plate

Angelika Kauffmann 1741-1807

A beautiful Continental porcelain scalloped plate made of hard white porcelain by the famous Austrian and Czech company, Victoria China. It has the signature of Angelica Kauffmann, a famous Swiss 18th c. neoclassicist painter. It also has a classic transferware printed scene from one of her original 18th century paintings.

Kauffmann's historical artworks were later reproduced on porcelain wares which were made across Europe in the 19th century Victorian era such as prints, dinnerware, plates, boxes, and urns. She was much loved by the Victorians.

This is an original antique 8.5 inch flow blue plate, beautiful. There are no chips, cracks or repairs and the piece is in beautiful condition. The image is of a stunning romantic cherub and woman scene, with a clear signature. It is also marked 294 on reverse, no other marks, although we know this mark to be of the Victoria China company.

It was found in Devon, England. See other Angelica Kauffman pieces on our site, including another similar and beautiful plate found with this, both out of the same Devon house.

Size: 8.5 inches in diameter
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