1890 Large Round Antique Victorian Copper Plated Disc, Scroll Pattern

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We cannot say what this old original round 19th century copper plated and embellished disc was originally made or used for. It measures 2.75 inches in diameter, and is a thin metal that has been adorned for a specific purpose. It has a drilled hole for suspension. A magnet will stick to it, thus it is made of metal. Any help on it's original purpose is appreciated, email Debra here.

It could be worn around the neck, but would be large. Was it for a decorative disc on a carriage? A token? a medal? a metal plate for adornment? It is a Victorian era mystery. We just plain like it!

It was found in Totnes, Devon, England. The reverse is plain. Condition is clean, some age discoloration on disc edge, see photos. Click images to see condition in very close up and movable views.

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Size: 2.75 inches in diameter
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