1890 Antique Art Nouveau Victorian Dragonfly Brass String Box English

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#AD180 Victorian era String Box or String Holder


The 1890's was the exciting Victorian era of industrial design, with a plethora of mass produced items hitting the shops to aid in time saving and organizational matters. Here we have a beautiful brass string box with hole in middle top, made to hold a ball of string in a classic and clean Victorian manner. Before the invention of cello tape and rubber bands in the 1920's, brown paper and string was most used for Victorian goods wrapping. The tying of brown paper packages was exclusive for the posting and shipping of parcels. It was also used in food and butcher shops, and for wrapping most store bought merchandise.

In addition, hotels, office, schools and colleges, stores and business merchants were searching for high quality goods to decorate their desk tops for commercial use, and make a statement on class and their innovativeness. String was in!

This is a lovely Art Nouveau decorated brass string box or caddy, with extensive tulip flowers, swirls, dragonflies and lush and thickly embellished ornamentation. It was a classic desktop accessory made to complement and enhance your Victorian era desktop aside your inkwell, fancy fountain pens, desk set and brass letter opener. It also may be considered a sewing related antique. 

The beautiful old English piece has a stunning patina, It is made of high quality pressed brass. It was found in Totnes, Devon, England with another old brass box you can see on our site here. Click images to see condition in close up views and click again to open full images on screen for scrolling to right. The condition is superb and it is of very high quality,

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Size: 3.75 inches in diameter x 3.75 inches high
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