1887 Queen Victoria 50 year Golden Jubilee 4 Castles Plate by FW Grove

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This is a beautiful and large Victoria Golden Jubilee square plate with a scalloped border commemorating Queen Victoria's 50 year reign from 1837-1887. It has wonderfully detailed architectural images showing the 4 Castles of Britain: Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Balmoral Castle and Osborne House. The beautifully executed transferware design has very precise architectural detail.

The plate has the British Reg. No. 58042 on reverse, which correspond to a 1886/1887 manufacture date. It has a lovely incised FG mark in script, which is unusual. Frederick Wedgwood Grove (born 1848) with John Stark (born 1816), took over the Grove Staffordshire pottery business from his father, Richard H. Grove, born in 1816. He had started the Grove Pottery works in the 1850-60's. Frederick Wedgwood Grove and his partner Jay Stark became known as F.W Grove pottery company, and also F.W.G. pottery from 1885-1889. Frederick later became known as Grove & Oliver, Grove & Prowse and then just Grove & Co. until 1904. The Grove pottery works in general manufactured Luster, China and earthenware at Palissy Works, Chancery Lane, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire, England.

This plate in wonderful condition, printed in a deep blue/gray/aqua tone. There are no chips, cracks or repairs. The most we can say is a small bit of extra gold gilding you can see on reverse, done during the Grove firing. We feel this adds to the charm. In beautiful condition, it was found in the Kingsbridge, Devon area of England. Scarce.
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Size: 10.25 inches in diameter.
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