1880's James Lingard Salford Manchester Green Torpedo Bottle, Blob Top

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In the 1895 Manchester, Lancashire, England Business Directories, James Lingard is located at 2 New Street, with his occupation as a "manufacturer of mineral and aerated waters and British cordials."

This is a beautiful 130-150 year old original ovate or ovoid James Lingard & Co. "torpedo" bottle. Lingard was operating during the 1870-90's in Salford, and used a number of unusual and different bottles top closures for his early aerated drinks. This is a wonderful thick green Victorian era torpedo blob bottle, and part of Manchester's early history.

The Salford district of Manchester, England, sits about a mile west of of the centre of Manchester, on the River Irwell. In ancient times, Salford was the judicial seat of the "Salford Hundred" or "Salfordshire", one of the early areas of historic Lancashire.

Torpedo bottles were made with a rounded end to prevent them from standing up. The concept was that the soda kept in contact with the cork stopped it from shrinking and drying up, as often occurred to the disdain of the soda bottler. The main objective was to not lose any pressure. Old bottle manufacturers were on the look out for interesting tops and innovative designs and patents for stoppers. Interestingly, as a consumer, you could not lay the bottle down!

Embossed raised text on the bottle reads:
James Lingard
S. Lingard & Co.

Torpedo bottles were first patented in 1809 and in 1814 by William Francis Hamilton, and are now called "Hamiltons" in the UK. They were generally only used for soda or mineral waters, and are also known as ovoids, egg or bomb bottles. They do come in a much rarer and earlier stoneware, and it is known that Jacob Schweppes used them in the 1790's, predating the Georgian era Hamilton patents.

This bottle is in a light green color. It has two seams. Considering its age it is in good condition with scuff marks, scratches, air bubbles and a somewhat cloudy interior. we did not try to remove that patina, other than a good exterior wash. This beautiful bottle has much character and patina. It displays well and was found the small village of Landscove, Devon, England. We do not know if it was dug.

We have not seen Lingard torpedo bottles before in our research, only regular patent and codd bottles. This is a beautiful Manchester related antique bottle.
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Size: about 8 inches long x 2.5 inches wide
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