1880's Child's Japanese Geisha Ware Cobalt Blue Chocolate Pot Teapot

  • £55.00

#AD257 RL097 Transferware Victorian Miniature Geisha Girl Japan Chinoiserie Choco Pot

A very handsome little 1880's children's ware Geisha chocolate pot that measures 5 inches high. This style of late Victorian Chinoiserie is also referred to as “Kimono Lady” ware. In the late 19th century, this East Asian oriental transfer ware was exceedingly popular and inexpensive for the masses. It is now collectible with over 200 different documented designs.

After 1891, all imported wares were to be marked with the country of origin and it's a good way to date china that we find. This is unmarked and also has the feel of early high quality Victorian era ware. Geisha girl ware with cobalt blue and gold gilding, gilt or enamel was manufactured in the Victorian era iand early Edwardian era, which this piece exhibits. These wares are "clobbered" or hand painted over the, in this case, red transferware design.

This small and luscious piece has overglaze enamels in blues, gold, reds, greens and orange. There is a scene of 2 geisha women on one side, and a single Geisha on the other. There is a tiny hole in the teapot cover to release steam, as seen in pics. We assume this piece was once part of a child's teapot set. The cover has 4 wonderful small oval flower vignettes that are very appealing. It's a beautiful little piece.

We'd like to call out a book that describes and examines collecting Geisha Girl ware for collectors. It is "The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Geisha Girl Porcelain" by Elyce Litts, published in 1988.

This uncommon old piece was found in Exeter, Devon, England. Click images to see condition in close up views. There are no chips, cracks or repairs and it is in beautiful condition. We have included our favourite old thimble to show the relative size. It is heavy, of great Victorian era quality, and a wonderful and original 19th century find.

Size: 5 inches high x 5.5 inches wide
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