1880 Antique Army & Navy Cooperative Society Cherry Toothpaste Pot Lid

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#AD111 Antique Victorian British Advertising:


This is the pot lid cover of a wonderful old original English pottery Cherry Tooth Paste container made in the 19th c. by "The Army & Navy Co-operative Society Ltd" in London. It depicts a wonderful round army navy military emblem in centre, which reads, In Latin; "Per Mare, Per Terram, Unitate, Fortior." This translates to "By sea, by land, unity is stronger."

The Army & Navy Co-operative Society Ltd was founded in 1871 by a group of military officers as an early London UK department store. It offered officers of the military reduced and the lowest prices on their buying domestic goods and services, also to widows and their families, and related helper personnel. It was member owned, and one would buy an annual membership, sharing in store profits. It was initially located at Victoria Street and members could enjoy a large array of domestic goods from food and groceries to fancy goods, cosmetics to tailoring. It was widely received and became known as simply "the stores" to the public. Many branches and stores quickly opened, eventually including those in Bombay and Calcutta. In 1934 it became known as the Army & Navy Stores Ltd. and in 1973 was purchased as a group by by the House of Fraser, ending a long British run of 102 years.

Cherry Tooth Paste was a very popular Victorian era product as evidenced by the many old toothpaste pot lids that are found made by an array of British companies. Brushing the teeth as a practice began earlier in the 18th century, but became more popular in Victorian times as a recognised practice for hygiene.

This is an original black and white china cherry toothpaste pot lid with a creamy sepia toned patina. It appears a small chip was nicely filled and mended at one time on top edge, see photo, this adds to the charm. It is possible this piece was archaeologically dug or excavated from an early English site. It was found in Totnes, Devon, England.

Click to see condition in close up and movable views. as seen in photos. Victorian pot lids and their containers are very collectible in the antique bottle and antique advertising world, and this is a beautiful old graphic piece. See other pot lids on our site.

Size: 3 inches diameter
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