1880 Robert Raikes Sunday School Centenary Token, Educational Reformer

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This is a large and early 19th c. token or medal. It is an original dated 1880 vintage commemorative medal for the centenary commemoration of the Sunday School Movement of Robert Raikes, and was found in Exeter, Devon, England.

Source, WIKI: "Robert Raikes 1736-1811 was an English philanthropist and Anglican layman and educational reformer, noted for his promotion of Sunday schools. Pre-dating state schooling and by 1831 schooling 1,250,000 children, they are seen as the first precursor schools of the English state school system. Raikes was born at Ladybellegate House, Gloucester, England in 1736, was the eldest child of Mary Drew and Robert Raikes, who was a newspaper publisher. Robert Jr. was known as "the Younger" and his father was known as Robert Raikes "the Elder" 1690-1757. He was a British printer and newspaper proprietor and newspaper publisher of the the Gloucester Journal and instrumental in bringing printing out of London and to the provinces. In 1767, Robert Jr. married Anne Trigge, with whom he had three sons and seven daughters. Their younger son William Henley Raikes became colonel of the Coldstream Guards, having fought for the British in the Napoleonic Wars. Their oldest son, Rev. Robert Napier Raikes had a son, General Robert Napier Raikes, of the Indian Army. Robert was a pioneer of the Sunday school movement, although he did not start the first Sunday School. Some already existed that were founded by Hannah Ball in High Wycombe, which is the first documented known case."

Condition as seen in large photos. Click to see larger. A wonderful, original and early historical education and church reform English piece.

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Size: 1.25 inches in diameter, .25 inches in thickness
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