1877 Mother Shipton's Prophecies Victorian Album Filler CDV Photo

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Ursula Southeil 1488–1561 was known as the prophetess "Mother Shipton." Her surname is also seen spelled as Southill, Soothtell and Sontheil. There have been more than 50 books written on her since the 1700's, and her various and amazing mystical prophecies. She even has an English moth named after her, with each pattern of the wing appearing as an old woman's profile.

This is a rare and wonderful original 1877 CDV Carte de Visite "album filler" photo of Mother Shipton's prophecies, including the world about to end in 1881. 

Text on this CDV reads:
"Mother Shipton's Prophecies!!
Have recently been discovered in the British Museum written in an old manuscript work, A.D. 1448 and portions have been published in the Globe Newspaper of February the 17th, 1877. This wonderful woman lived till she was of extraordinary age. She died at Clifton in Yorkshire, from which is taken the following epitaph, copied from a stone monument:
Here lyes one who never ly'd,
Whose skill often has been try'd;
Her prophecies shall still survive,
And ever keep her name alive.
Carriage without horses will go,
and accidents fill the world with woe.
Primrose Hill in London shall be,
And in it's center a bishop's see.
Around the world thoughts shall fly,
In the twinkling of an eye.
Water, shall yet more wonders do,
How strange yet shall be true,
The world upside down shall be;
And gold found at the root of tree.
Through hills men shall ride,
and no horse or ass be by their side.
Under water men shall walk,
Shall ride, shall sleep and talk;
In the air men shall be seen,
In white, in black, and in green.
A great man shall come and go!
Three times three shall lovely France
Be led to play a bloody dance;
Before her people shall be free,
Three tyrant rulers shall she see;
Three times the people's hope is gone;
Three rulers in ascension see,
Each springing form different dynasty.
Then shall the worser fight be done,
England and France shall be as one.
The British olive shall next then twine,
In marriage with a German vine.
Men shall walk over rovers and under rivers.
Iron then shall float
As easy as a wooden boat.
Gold shall be found, and found,
In land that's not know known.
Fire and Water shall yet more wonders do,
England shall at last admit a Jew.
The Jew that was held in scorn,
Shall of a Christian be born and born.
A house of glass shall come to pass,
In England---but alas!
War will follow with the work
In the land of the Pagan and the Turk;
And state and state in fierce strife,
Will seek each other's life.
But when the North shall divide the South,
An eagle shall build in lion’s mouth.
Taxes and blood for war
Will come to every door.
All England’s sons that plough the land,
Shall oft be seen with Book in hand.
Learning shall so ebb and flow,
The poor shall most wisdom know.
Waters shall flow where corn will grow;
Corn shall grow where waters doth flow.
Houses shall appear in the vale below,
And covered by hail and snow.

The world shall then, to an end come.
In Eighteen-hundred and Eighty-one."

"Album fillers" were CDV photos made to fill in the empty spaces in the early CDV photo albums, between the various family photos. They can be funny, cultural, politics and military related, risque, tell jokes and poems, relate current news, regional and advertising in nature. This is just a wonderful set we were happy to find.

This is a wonderful English piece of exciting cultural history which gripped London and England in 1877 with wonder, awe and impending doom. This photo will be sent in a new rigid CDV sleeve. It was found in Devon, England.

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Size: 2.5 x 4 inches 

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