1873 T. King Antique Make Do Handmade Gunpowder Flask, Devon Folk Art

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On front: "T. King, 1873" is hand etched into wood. 

A beautiful old handmade antique primitive English treen hunting gunpowder container or flask, found in the Ashburton, Devon area. It features an applied cow horn tip on a cylindrical wooden flask shaped body, hand carved with the proud owner / maker's name of T. King. It does not open in any way or screw apart, is stationary.

The art of antique make do!

The King family can easily be found in Devon genealogy records. We're betting his name was Thomas King. A one-of-a-kind Victorian fox hunting era item, when sold we will never see again, a naive and primitive piece of handmade British folk art.

Condition: Clean, with historical age wear and cracking consistent with actual use by Mr. King. Just a rare and wonderful old piece, when gone, we'll never see again. Most likely the only one in existence.

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Size: 7 x 2 x 3 inches wide at base
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