1870's Pink Victorian Medical Antique Invalid Feeder Cup / Pap Boat

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19th c. Antique Medical Invalid or Nursing Feeder

This is a small old pink flower design antique hard paste pottery invalid, pap boat, elder or baby feeder. The body of it stands about 2" high and it is clean white porcelain with gold gilding touches and Victorian era colourful purple and yellow flowers.

Condition, there are no cracks or chips. There is some slight wearing of the gold gilt on the handle and long neck spout, where hands touched it for years in daily use. Also running your hand around the inside top edge finds a bit of roughness in manufacture and use.

We wonder how many it healed?

The Victorians doctored and nursed their family at home. Their local chemist help greatly with medical advice, and sold antique medical supplies like this. This feeder would be used for the affirmed, including children to provide "pap", a diluted flour and milk mixture that was highly prescribed in the 19th century. They also would have used it for the bedridden to drink soups, broths, tea and water.

This early feeder was found in Landscove, Devon, England. It is about 150 years old, and a fine small collectible hard paste piece of probably continental origin.

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Size: 2 inches high, width 3 inches, total length 6 inches
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