1870 Victorian Fishing Couple Flatback Spill Vase Staffordshire Figure

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#AD201 Victorian Staffordshire Figure of Fishing Couple


An original large Late Victorian Staffordshire flatback figure of a young fisherman and fisherwoman holding their freshly caught catch. They wear beautiful and iconic vintage 19th century period clothing. He, in classic nautical sailor attire with rolled up knee trousers, a white linen shirt open to a bare chest, long hair and a tassled sailor cap. She, in a Victorian scooped neck 'off the shoulder' white dress with her josey (or joseph, cloak) tied around her waist. Both are barefoot and both have hand on hip. They are very hearty and healthy with long flowing hair and beautifully rendered pink cheeks. They are young, and may be children or teens.

Their hands join together to hold the fish of the day, which heavily hang on an old 19th century antique wooden pulley wheel. The polychrome colors are pink, red, browns and orangey brown with touches of gold gilding on a cream ground. It is thickly glazed and very creamy in nature, as the later Victorian figures are.

Flatback figures were manufactured to sit on the mantel, or against a wall in a room. They exhibit an unpainted or undecorated back. This piece was utilitarian in nature as a spill vase. These vases contained wood tapers, and "spills" for transferring fire from one area to another, such as lighting a candle or pipe from the fire. Antique spill vases are collectible in their own right.

Condition: There are no chips, cracks or repairs and the piece is in beautiful condition. Click images to see close up views and click again to open full images on screen for scrolling to right. The bottom rim has Staffordshire pottery factory soot, which adds to the charm. Some of the gold gilt has rubbed away slightly from hand use, as seen in pics.

This old piece was found recently with 2 other figures, a Hunter and Red Riding Hood, both found on our site. They came out of a house together in the Dartmoor area of Devon, England. We were very happy to find these pieces in their well cared for condition.

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Size: 9.25 inches high x 6 inches wide
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