1862 Liddle Elliot & Sons Etruscan Vases Aesthetic Staffordshire Plate

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#AD258 Transferware Victorian Etruscan Plate

This British plate, between 1862-1869 in Staffordshire, is a beautiful old and uncommon dinner plate in the "Etruscan Vases" pattern. it was made by Mr. Liddle Elliot and his sons. Liddle was his forename or first name.

It has a beautifully rendered Victorian mark, and appears to have been in a historical collection, as it has 3 stickers with old 20th c. handwritten words: "L.E. & S.: Liddle Elliot & Sons, Dale Hall Pottery, Longport, Staffordshire Potteries, formerly Mayer & Elliot 1862" We left the old collector stickers intact.

In addition to the printed transferware mark, it has an artist's handpainted red overglaze tally or pattern mark of "4486" in deep red, and 2 deeply embossed marks of "7/62" and an unidentified number. It also has a blue handwritten number. These would be factory marks from the artist or manufactory.

Staffordshire Pottery History: Liddle Elliot 1807–1869 is first seen, at age 35-47, working at T.J. & J. Mayer Potters in Burslem from 1843-1855. This was the 3 brother Staffordshire family firm of Thomas, John and Joshua Mayer. They were early manufacturers of China, Earthenware, Parian Ware and Blue & White transfer printed ware. They were located at the Furlong Works and Dale Hall Works in Longport, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England. As a fine and quality operation, they were chosen to exhibit at the British Exhibitions of 1851, 1853 and 1855, and there won exhibition medals. Their pottery firm was previously owned by the famous Joseph Stubbs Pottery, who was in business from 1822-1835.

From 1855-1858, the firm became known as "Mayer Bros & Elliot", with Liddle Elliott as a partner with the brothers. Their initials were used for identification, such as the early M & E mark or Mayer & Elliot, from 1858-1861. In 1862 to 1869, for seven years the firm became known as "Liddle Elliot & Son". This piece was made during that short 7 year time span. The firm later became "Bates, Elliot & Co." from 1870-75, to "Bates, Walker & Co.", to "Bates, Gildea & Walker", to "Gildea & Walker" during the 1880's. "Keeling & Co." stepped in and ran the firm from 1886 to 1936, thus the exhibiting the confusing but compelling genealogy of Staffordshire pottery company history.

The mark on this plate is a beautifully clear and classic Victorian transfer mark that reads: "Etruscan Wares" in transferware script font, and "L E & S" in Victorian script, see photos.

Elliot Genealogy found in Public Records:
Liddle Elliot 1807–1869 born and died at age 62 in Staffordshire, England. His parents were Thomas Elliot 1762–1838 and Jane Elliot 1771–1809. He had an older brother Philip Elliot 1805-1879, who died in Stanhope, Appin, New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Their surname is also seen spelled as Elliott.

Liddle married Mary Anne Cork Elliot 1811–1895 in 1834 in Saint Giles, Newcastle Under Lyme, Stafford, England. She was born in Newcastle and died in Thanet, Kent, England at the age of 84. She lived 30 years beyond her husband. Her parents were John Cork 1782–1843 of Newcastle and Mary Wallworth Cork 1774–1843, who was born in Barthomley, Cheshire, England. Her mother Mary came from a long line of Wallworth's living in Cheshire back to the 16th century.

Their 10 Elliot children were:
1. Gilbert Elliot, born 1835 in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, England. It appears he moved to America after his father's death in 1869. It is assumed he was one of the sons referred to in the pottery name. He was married in Orange, Essex County, New Jersey in 1873 to Mary E. Andrews, she born 1849 in Massachusetts, USA. Their children were: Gilbert Myers Elliot 1874–1954, an unknown Elliott child born 1875, and Clarence Warner Elliot 1878–1936. Their children appear later to have lived in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, Sumneytown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
2. Jane Elliot born 1836, nothing more known.
2. Thomas H. Elliott 1838–1919, also one of the sons in the pottery firm. He moved to America in 1850, according to what he stated on the 1910 US census. His first wife was Elizabeth Elliott 1844–1865 who we believe died giving birth to an infant daughter Lizzie Elliott 1865–1865. He then married Susan E. Wiseman 1848–1931 in Winnebago, Winnebago, Wisconsin, USA in 1866. Their children were Jane Elliott born 1867, Walter L. Elliott 1867–1928, Frank Phillip Elliott 1870–1961, Sarah Jane Elliot 1873–1968, John Thomas Elliot 1876–1928 and Clarence Elliot. This family lived in the vicinity of Omro, Poygan, Winne, and Winnecomb, Winnebago, Wisconsin. Thomas died at age of 80-81 years in 1919 and his occupation in earlier census records was as a farmer.
3. John Elliot, born 1839, nothing more known.
4. Philip Elliot 1841–1895 born in Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire and died in Maryborough in the Fraser Coast Region of Queensland, Australia.
5. Mary Ann Elliot 1842-1929 nothing more known.
6. Catherine Elliot 1844–1845, died as an infant.
7. Caroline Elliot born 1846, nothing more known.
8. Elizabeth Elliot Meir 1848–1918 died in Newcastle, England. She married Arthur Clive Meir born 1844, and their children were Violet Mary Meir born 1877, Lilla Meir, born 1879, Arthur Clive Meir born 1881, William Arthur Meir, born 1892, Mary Elizabeth Meir, born 1896 and Leonard Meir, born in 1904.
9. Lucy Elliot 1850–1944, died in Northampton, Northamptonshire, England.
10. Edith Augusta Elliot Culver born 1855, married Harry Chapman Culver who was born in 1856. They married in Thanet, Kent England and had two children, Gilbert Henry Culver 1875–1919 and Edith Mabel Culver born 1876. They lived in Hove, Sussex, England.

Liddle Elliot in the The 1851 England Census
Age: 43
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1808
Where born: Trentham, Staffordshire, England
Civil Parish: Newcastle under Lyme
Occupation: Civil Engineer
Sub-registration district: Whitmore
Household, Age, Birthplace:
Liddle Elliot 43
Caroline Elliot 4
Elizabeth Elliot 2
Lucy Elliot 1
Hannah Elliot 30
Mary Elliot 20
Emma Hood 19

Liddle Elliot in the 1861 England Census
Age: 53
Estimated Birth Year: 1808
Spouse's Name: Mary Ann Elliot
Where born: Trentham, Staffordshire, England
Civil Parish: Newcastle under Lyme
County/Island: Staffordshire, England
Street address: Liverpool Street
Occupation: Civil Engineer & China, Earthenware Manufacturer employing 747 hands, men women & children.
Household, Age, Birthplace:
Liddle Elliot 53, head of house
Mary Ann Elliot 50, his wife
Jane Elliot 25, daughter
Thomas Elliot 23, Occupation: Assistant at the manufactory (eventually he moved to USA)
John Elliot 21, Surveyor & Civil Engineer Assistant
Mary Ann Elliot 19, unmarried
Edith Augusta Elliot 6
Lydia Shaw 26, their cook
Hannah Birtle 23, their housemaid
Charlotte Gater 25, their ladies maid
Harriet Johnson 17, their housemaid
William Dix 42, Occupation, Green Grocer
Mary Dix 42, wife
James Dix 8, son
Thomas Dix 2 mos, Son
Henry Maskery 34, labourer
Cornelia Maskery 31, his wife
John Maskery 5, son
Francis Maskery, daughter
Agnes Maskery, daughter

It appears this popular pattern was made by many of the successors of the company into the 1880's. This is Liddle Elliot's first and uncommon mark and pattern. It depicts a tall 3 cup candelabra, with 3 classical urn shapes on a Victorian embellished wall shelf. One is a tall water ewer. The border is a beautiful mix of aeshetic movement embellishments and concentric patterns. The rim is a dark brown scarlet colour.

This beautiful Etruscan pattern was continued on by all the potteries listed above as they took over the previous firm. This is a rare and uncommon that most likely Liddle Elliot and his 2 sons Gilbert & Thomas first designed and manufactured. There are no chips, cracks or repairs and the plate is in beautiful condition. It was found close to its source in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. Click images to see condition in close up views. It would look wonderful hung on a wall as art, of which it surely is.

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Size: 10 inches in diameter
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