1860'S Staffordshire Figure Hunter With Dog Spill Vase Flatback

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#AD200 Antique Victorian Staffordshire Figure:

A wonderful c. 1860's mid Victorian Staffordshire flatback Spill Vase featuring a handsome young hunter, his spaniel dog, and a dead game bird at his feet. He is sitting by a spill vase tree, his arm around his trusty spaniel hunting dog, who is quietly resting his paws on his knee. He has his gun resting on his lap. This lad is fashionable and Victorian, in handsome dress with a beautiful 1860's era cobalt blue jacket with gold trim, black silk cravat at his neck, gold trimmed green vest, short pink trousers with white stockings, and black pointy shoes. He is of the elite and of royalty or gentility. His hat exhibits a large ruby feather or plume. The hand painted polychrome colours of of orange, pink, green, brown, yellow and black.

This flatback figure was made to sit on the mantel, thus it has an unpainted or undecorated "flatback" left that way by the pottery for a purpose. A spill vase was meant to contain wood splints or tapers, and "spills" for transferring fire from one area to another. These thin wooden sticks were lighted and carried to room center, for example, to light a candle or a pipe. Vintage spill vases themselves are collectible in their own right.

There are some slight firing imperfections, as these figures have, but no chips, or repairs. Note: There is some light robin egg's blue paint and pottery worker fingerprints around base rim, directly left by the pottery from early factory handling. It adds lots of great Staffordshire character, see photo. The tree brocage is clean and intact. There is light memory of black factory soot on bottom rim also, very faint.

This came recently out of a house in the Newton Abbot, Devon, England area. Please see 2 other pieces just up found with this, a Staffordshire Red Riding Hood and wolf, and fisherman and woman figure.

This piece is about 160 years of age and measures 9.5 inches tall and 5.25 inches wide. It is heavy and of good Victorian quality. Click images to see condition in close up views. A beautiful original old English pottery piece and uncommon.
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Size: 9.5 high x 5.25 inches wide
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