1860's Deep Flow Blue Japanese Meiji Period Porcelain Rice / Slop Bowl

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Love flow blue? us too! This is a beautiful and original mid 19th century blue & white transferware 5.25 inch Victorian era Japanese Rice or Slop Bowl. It has a scalloped edge, and a spongeware or "sponged" deep flow blue design, with wide artist brush strokes. It features an intricate center bowl Chinoiserie medallion, as seen in photos. Waste bowl or Slop bowls were in use in the ancient tea tradition, as well as the English tea tradition where this bowl was found.

This old piece is decorated both inside and out with leaves and floral embellishments in deep antique cobalt blue with an oriental pedestal rim.  Japanese export porcelain was made in the Arita area of Japan. Early Arita ware and Imari wares were heavily exported in history to the European markets from the 17th to the 19th centuries and into the early 20th century. Staffordshire, England also made a massive trade in copying the Japanses Arita ware designs.

This lovely old flow blue bowl is from the 1868-1912 Meiji Period, during the Victorian era reign of Emperor Meiji. Chinoiserie design in England was highly prized and Japan ports were bustling with business to ship these wares to Europe. The wares were tightly packed into large boats in wooden crates for a long sea faring journey westward. This beautiful old piece was found in Totnes, Devon, England. It is in lovely condition, with no chips, cracks or repairs. 

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Size: 5.25 inches in diameter, 2.5 inches high
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