1860's Antique Victorian Pink Sunderland Lustreware Religious Mourning Plaque

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A wonderful old English pottery antique Sunderland luster ware plaque with a rather eery and foreboding Victorian mourning bible verse printed in transferware on it.

Text on this Sunderland plaque reads:
Job. 14. 10.
For man dieth,
and wasteth away
yea, man giveth up
the Ghost, and where he is.

"Sunderland Lustreware" is a type of pottery originating from Sunderland, England and made in the Sunderland Potteries there. It sits in North East England, about 100 miles south of Edinburgh, and about 250 miles northwest of London, on the River Wear. There were 16 known potteries in Sunderland, and half are known to have produced pink lustre wear. This style of pottery was also made in Staffordshire, Liverpool, Newcastle and Swansea, but the style is simply now known as "Sunderland pottery" in the vintage and antiques trade.

Pink "splash luster" is the style of old 19th c. pottery that is often attributed to Sunderland, and this is a wonderful example. Most of this pottery is unmarked, as this piece is, as well. It is also known generally as pink lustre in Britain. Americans refer to is simply as "Pink Luster", with that spelling. It is nearly impossible to delineate which factories made these unmarked pieces. It is possible this was made by Scott's Southwick Pottery in Sunderland.

This is a beautiful lustre plaque with black transferware applied text, as most of the Sunderland ware has. Most Sunderland messages were moral in nature, such as religious verses, proverbs, poems, commemorative events, ships, maps and compasses, bridges and industrial feats, armorial coat of arms, masonic and fraternal, and other iconic symbols such as souvenir scenes of Early England. A large number of different items were made such as plaques, jugs, cups, and plates.

The condition on this piece is beautiful and excellent. See our many images. Click each image to see condition in very close up and movable views. It as two original period holes on reverse for hanging with ribbon, see photo. This beautiful old piece was found in Aberdeen, Scotland.

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Size: 8.25 x 7.25 inches, about an 1 inch thick off wall when hung

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