1840's Amherst Japan Minton Imari Pedestal Slop Bowl BB Best Body Mark

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#AD098: Minton Staffordshire English Pottery Slop or Tea Bowl

This small and early 4.5 inch ironstone earthenware chinoiserie waste or slop bowl has a beautiful out turned pedestal foot. It is very colourful and a vibrant piece in typical "imari" type colours and lustre. It is solid and quite heavy in your hand for its size, and decorated in an oriental Minton pattern that is similar to a later clearly marked 19th century Minton pieces called "Amherst Japan."

This pattern is a blue, red and orange transferware design touches of gold gilt. It is reminiscent of the gaudy welsh style. There is a pagoda on bowl side, surrounded by a lush array of Japanese flowers. The"Amherst Japan" pattern was named after Lord William Pitt Amherst 1773-1857, 1st Earl Amherst, a British diplomat and Governor General of India from 1823-1828.

This lovely early Victorian era tea bowl has an impressed or incised BB mark for "Best Body" and the hand painted deep red pattern number 69, as well as an impressed number 11, see photos. The BB mark was in use from 1845-1861. Thomas Minton founded his factory in the Staffordshire, Stoke-upon-Trent area of England in 1793 and was the prime source for important 19th c. dinnerware made to order for heads of state and worldwide embassies in the Victorian era.

A slop bowl is part of a traditional tea set. When the unused tea got cold, it was emptied into the slop bowl before again refilling the teapot with hot water. Many beautiful early slop bowls exist, and this is a wonderful original piece made in Staffordshire England.

The condition is excellent, with no chips, cracks or restoration. We were thrilled to find it in this condition in Exeter, Devon, England. It's a stunning little old 175 year old piece, and a testament to its great Minton quality.

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Size: 2.5 inches high x 4.5 inches diameter 
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